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Vimer opens in Paris

20 years of Vimer activity in France are now enriched by an important event: since March, a new commercial branch has been open in Paris to complement the well-established one in the South of France (in Gemenos).

Customer management dealt with in Paris will be still fully supported by the Italian Headquarters. The opening of this new Branch positions us in the middle of the most importantly productive and economic area of the French market, rich of companies which use a lot of high- quality folding cartons and POS products. We have been preparing our opening in Paris for a long time… The awareness of being able to compete in a sector in which the efficiency of our services is more and more requested and appreciated convinced us to invest into this new experience. Managing the whole productive cycle from the Italian Headquarters (from the creation of the project to the production and to the final assembling) is one of our most important strengths. In addition to this, our working method and skills play an important role which enrich of quality and values our products. Being aware of this strengthened and reliable reality, today we are in Paris and in the region all around: this is sure the best way – the Vimer way – to celebrate 20 years of important results in the French market.

Paris office

La Grande Arche-Paroi Nord
92044 Paris La Défense
TEL: 0033/0140903116