Who We Are - Vimer S.r.l. - Industrie Grafiche Italiane

we know how

We are a company with an experienced and reliable staff that dedicates its expertise to simplify the work of those who choose to collaborate with us.

We are a strong European company with nearly 16 million Euros in turnover, 3 commercial areas (Italy, France, and England), 140 employees, and 2 product divisions (packaging and store design). We are dynamic and efficient; we recognize the ideas and needs of customers and turn them into concrete and practical solutions, which can effectively promote their sales. Today we are the preferred provider of solutions for any type of packaging and for the design and implementation of promotion and communication tools geared towards the points of sale.

We don’t only deal with production. We are also a service company. With our consulting work we follow the marketing and sales of our customers so they may truly make the best choice. We offer creative, innovative solutions for design and communication, capable of responding to the needs emerging in different markets. Thanks to our equipment, advanced technology and highly skilled technicians, we carefully follow the production process, including a strict quality control. 

Our expertise includes paper products, the use of plastics, special processes, the use of high-quality materials, and the combined use of different materials. Our professionalism and confidence to try new things keep VIMER in constant pursuit of excellence and quality. This pursuit extends to materials and processes as well as graphic chromatic balance, to achieve ever challenging and innovative results.